Win a Grant From Intuit

Did you know that Intuit offers grants to small businesses like you?  Through our “Love A Local Business” grant competition, Intuit has already awarded more than $500,000 in funding to 104 small businesses nationwide to both help expand their business and celebrate their success to date.   Past winners have ranged from a bookstore in Morgan Hill, Calif., BookSmart, to Harmony in Hooves, a therapeutic horseback riding facility that helps children overcome handicaps.

Just this morning, Intuit announced a commitment to fund an additional $1 Million in grants to support local businesses in towns across America.  You can nominate your own business to win one of these grants at 

We are thrilled that we can make a difference in small businesses and hope that you will take the time to nominate yourself and potentially become the next winner.  It only takes a minute to complete the nomination.  Once you are done, we provide easy tools for you to promote your business and get additional nominations from your fans. 

“Everyone will agree that small businesses are the key to our nation’s job growth and economic recovery,” said Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO) Chairman, Small Business Committee, U.S. House of Representatives. “My colleagues and I on Capitol Hill know that we still have a long way to go, however, programs like Love a Local Business are providing valuable support to these job creators as they try to grow and invest in their businesses. As small firms and communities improve, so will our nation’s economy.”

 As a final note, we wanted to share a great story from one of our previous winners.

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6 Comments on “Win a Grant From Intuit”

  1. Nick M Says:

    Why don’t you at Intuit use the energy and resources spent on promotions and things such as this on effort in hitting deadlines you set for your own product releases. That 500k you have already awarded could have fixed “last minute issues” that prevented your Friday the 13th update… This way, instead of just a handful of your customers winning – ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS WIN!

  2. Laura Says:

    This is Laura from Intuit. Thanks for your comments, Nick. I’m sorry if you experienced issues on Friday. We are always striving to do better, so I’ll make sure to pass your comment along to the rest of the team.

  3. Kim Pollard Says:

    We have had several clients & community members nominate us in the past & all of their comments are on love a loval business—do we have to re-enter each month or will their comments be suffice?

    • Laura Says:


      The comments and nominations are valid for 3 months. That’s how long the contest periods run. The current contest is April-June, so any votes in that time frame will count for April, May, and June. Then, in July, we reset.



  4. I’m trying to promote my business for a grant and the following link is not working:
    It’s the one that is to be used for FB, Twitter and in email.

    Mary Beth

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